November 10, 2023

Jira CRM: A Seamless Integration with Atlas CRM

Dilara Erecek

Campaign Marketer

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Jira is widely recognized for its robust project management capabilities, but when it comes to customer relationship management, teams often find themselves in need of additional functionality. That's where Atlas CRM steps in, offering a seamless Jira CRM integration. This integration transforms Jira from a powerful project tracking tool into a comprehensive CRM system, making it a one-stop solution for teams seeking efficiency in both project management and customer relationship management.

Expanding Jira's Horizons with CRM Capabilities

While Jira excels at project management, Atlas CRM extends these capabilities into the realm of customer relationships, answering the call for a CRM for Jira. This powerful add-on integrates directly within Jira, turning it into a versatile platform that not only tracks issues but also manages customer interactions, sales pipelines, and detailed client histories.

Crafting a CRM-Focused Workspace in Jira

For teams considering Jira as CRM, Atlas CRM is the perfect complement. It builds on Jira's strengths by introducing a layer of CRM functionalities that are essential for sales teams, customer support, and marketing professionals. This Jira CRM system enriches the workspace, providing tools for contact management, sales tracking, and customer engagement—all within the familiar Jira interface.

Streamlining Operations with Jira CRM Integration

The integration of CRM in Jira via Atlas CRM brings all the components of customer relationship management into the daily workflow of Jira. It creates a unified space where all customer information is accessible, allowing for a more streamlined process and eliminating the need for separate systems. This is CRM integration with Jira done right, where every feature is designed to complement the agile nature of Jira teams.

The CRM for Jira Cloud

Atlas CRM excels as a CRM for Jira Cloud, ensuring that cloud-based teams have access to full CRM capabilities without compromising on performance or security. The cloud environment of Jira, coupled with the CRM features of Atlas CRM, provides a scalable, accessible, and efficient system for managing customer relationships in the cloud.

Choosing the Right CRM Software That Integrates with Jira

For businesses seeking CRM software that integrates with Jira, Atlas CRM stands out. It's not just a plugin; it's a comprehensive CRM solution that ensures teams can maintain their customer focus without leaving the Jira environment. The CRM integration with Jira offered by Atlas CRM is designed to be intuitive, straightforward, and powerful.

The Ultimate Jira CRM Add-On

As a Jira CRM add-on, Atlas CRM is unmatched in its depth of integration and breadth of features. It is an all-in-one solution for Jira users looking for CRM functionality. With Atlas CRM, Jira becomes more than a tool for project management—it becomes a central hub for nurturing customer relationships and driving business growth.

Integrating CRM into the Jira Experience

Atlas CRM's integration into Jira is more than just a convenience—it's a transformation. Jira for CRM, when enhanced with Atlas CRM, becomes a powerhouse for managing customer journeys, tracking interactions, and personalizing customer service. The ease with which teams can now navigate customer data and project details in one place is unparalleled. This is the promise of CRM in Jira: a streamlined, integrated system that enhances visibility and efficiency.

Jira CRM Add-On: A Synthesis of Functionality

Atlas CRM is the Jira CRM add-on that acts as the bridge between project management and customer relationship management. By aligning CRM features with Jira's agile framework, teams can enjoy a seamless experience where project updates, customer queries, and sales opportunities coexist. This synthesis of functionality means that information flows freely, decisions are informed by comprehensive data, and customer satisfaction is always aligned with project outcomes.

Conclusion: Embracing the Full Potential of Jira with Atlas CRM

By choosing Atlas CRM, businesses are not just adopting a CRM for Jira Cloud; they are embracing the full potential of Jira as a CRM platform. Atlas CRM is the answer for teams that need a CRM system that integrates flawlessly with Jira, providing all the tools necessary for excellent customer relationship management without ever leaving the Jira environment.

Security and Privacy Standards

Atlas CRM is committed to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy. We are proud to maintain ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications, ensuring rigorous management of sensitive information and systematic evaluation of security risks. Additionally, our SOC 2 Type II declaration exemplifies our dedication to secure and responsible data management. Participating in the Atlassian Cloud Security program further reinforces our commitment to security awareness and best practices.

Ready to unlock the full CRM potential within your Jira? Discover how Atlas CRM can redefine your customer management. For a broader perspective on Atlas CRM's capabilities within the Atlassian suite, see our piece on Atlassian CRM.

Discover how Atlas CRM can redefine your customer management.

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