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Use Atlas CRM on your favorite device

Atlas CRM is available in the Jira Cloud app! You can now access customer data on your favorite device.
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Offer Atlas CRM as an Atlassian Solution Partner

Are you as an Atlassian Solution Partner looking for possibilities to connect CRM with Atlassian Tools? Learn more about Atlas CRM and help your customers to work efficiently & gain customer insight!
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Release notes: Manage your customer files with Atlas CRM

We made it easy to manage files related to your companies, contacts and sales. Attach and share invoices, signed contracts, images, PDFs, designs, non-disclosure agreements and more!
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5 reasons why you want to integrate customer data with Atlassian tools

Integrating CRM with your Atlassian tools can be highly beneficial for organisations. In this blog we give you 5 big reasons why you should start with Atlas CRM now!
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5 steps to get started with a Customer Relationship Management system

CRM isn't magic software which will benefit your organization without having a clear strategy. So what are the five steps you should take to have an amazing start with a CRM system?
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Improve the customer experience with Jira Service Desk CRM

Link Jira Service Desk and Atlas CRM so you can deliver great customer service and keep customer issues closely tied to your development roadmap.
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Why should you integrate your CRM and Project Management Software?

Some claim that there are more differences between a CRM system and project management software than similarities. So what are the advantages of connecting CRMs with project management tools?
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How to use reminders to manage your sales workflow?

How do you make sure that Sales, Marketing and Support representatives conduct their tasks in a timely manner and that no tasks are forgotten or left undone?
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10 steps to get all your teams to use CRM

One of the main throwbacks with implementing CRM is a low adoption rate amongst employees. In this blog we show you how everyone understands the benefits of a CRM system.
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Track communication with your customer inside Jira and Confluence

There are many moments when you wish to have an overview of all the conversations your company has had with your customer.
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Power up your search with JQL

The standard search functionality offers you a text field where you can type what you're looking for. But what if you need more control over the searches you make?
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Implement a simple sales workflow in JIRA

Once you have learned how JIRA helps you support your day-to-day work, you will quickly realize that there is more you can do in JIRA. So why not to organize your sales process with JIRA?
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How can you manage your Sales in Jira to create value for your team?

Working with Jira and Confluence allows your data to be shared amongst your team and keeps everyone in the loop. Teams are aware of the deadlines, documentation, progress and all other relevant tasks.
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How to manage your customer information in Jira and Confluence?

Atlassian products are great and help us every day. But so far is has been a hassle to manage customer information. That's why we have created Atlas CRM.
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Use Jira and Confluence as CRM system

Managing your projects, documents and collaboration with Jira and Confluence has helped many companies to succeed and grow. Read more about all the possibilities.
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Webinar TOPdesk Jira integration! Improve team collaboration

The TOPdesk Jira integration enables you to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs in a secure way. Learn more about the integration and sign up for our webinar on November 26.
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